Sunday, 5 June 2016

Collection Eyes Uncovered Nude Palette

I'm really not the kinda girl who's really into eye shadow however I will wear it on special occasions, when I can be bothered. Yes, I am aware that sounds lazy but I think my problem is I'm not sure how to apply it properly so it doesn't look naff basically. But anyway, I picked up this Collection palette a long time ago actually but I had heard a lot of things about it and it was £2.99, so hardly breaking the bank.

So if I do wear eye shadow I really only like the neutral shades, call me boring, but I feel if I stick to neutral then I can get away with just blending the whole thing out and having a hint of colour basically. That's why I was drawn to this palette as they are all neutral shades that are really wearable for day or night. The packaging is pretty flimsy but is great for the price that you're paying to be honest.

I've used this a few times now and have really enjoyed it when I have. The colours are really soft and blendable which is a bonus for a beginner like me. I love the lightest shade in the corners of my eyes and I think could even be used as a highlighter. I also really like a tiny amount of the darkest shade in my crease for more of a noticeable, night time look, however I have been wearing it in the day time. That's what I love most about this palette, it's just so wearable and you could make a slightly more dramatic look and wear it in the evening. But you could create the same look without piling on as much product and wear it in the day time.

Overall for the price tag and what you get, this palette is actually really great and definitely worth looking into if you haven't already. I know they do the same palette in different colour ranges so if this one isn't for you, then there may be another one more up your street.

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