Sunday, 19 June 2016

Dove Derma Spa Summer Revived Fake Tan

I'm never Summer ready and it always seems to creep up on me; however with the UK weather being so unpredictable I feel this doesn't help my situation. I've got quite a few self/fake tans stored away in my stash but I really wanted something different to test out. I recently watched Anna Saccone's video all about her fake tan routine and that's what made me go and and purchase this particular product. 

When I purchased this around a month ago now it was on offer at Boots for around £5/6, which I thought was a great price. I picked up the light/medium shade and I believe it also comes in medium/dark. I basically followed Anna's routine she spoke about in her YouTube video and went along with it; however I definitely need to work on tanning my own back, I had some funny positions going on. 

So when using this product I simply just had a good scrub/exfoliate before applying it, focusing on my elbows, knees, ankles and wrists. I then used a mitt to apply the tan basically all over my body. The product is white which can make it slightly more difficult to figure out where you've been but I did find that you can obviously feel the product going on so its not that bad. The product applied really easily and didn't take very long to sink into my skin, however just to make sure it was all sunk in I did wait around 10 minutes before putting any clothing back on. There's a slight smell to the product but it's not very strong and to be honest I actually quite like it. 

In the morning I can definitely see a difference in my skin colour and it's a subtle glow which just makes my skin look much healthier. If I want to apply this product more than once to get a richer colour then it still works really well and the colour still looks great and natural. I definitely wouldn't apply this every day, as I don't need it but I did apply this 3 days in a row and then just topped up when I felt I needed it. 

Basically this is just an all round great product and my current, new favourite fake tan. I didn't have any streaks or patches either which is such a bonus especially as I have quite dry areas on my skin which exfoliating really helps with. I would definitely recommend this fake tan if you're currently looking for a new one now or in the future. It's really affordable, even when not on offer, and definitely worth it! 

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