Thursday, 2 June 2016

Collection Primed & Ready Mattifying Pore Minimiser

Here's me trying yet another high street primer out and putting it to the test. On a recent online Boots order I needed to buy a new primer due to running out of my old one. I went onto the primer page and scrolled through all the pages before going back to pop this one into my basket. Two things attracted me; 1. this primer has witch elements in it which is aimed at spots and 2. the price! I believe the price also had an extra £1 off, or something like that, so I basically couldn't not try it because it was super cheap. There are a few other Collection products which I love, so thought this one may live up to those expectations.

Firstly the packaging is pretty standard coming in a tube which you squeeze the product out of. You only need a small amount of this product to cover your whole face, as a little goes a long way. It does feel quite slippery and is silicone based, so if you don't like those sorts of products then you won't like this. I like to leave this for a couple of minutes before going and applying my foundation. After applying this product, my skin looks relatively matte and it does smooth out my skin. I then go and apply my foundation which does apply really well on top of this primer. It looks smooth and great if I'm honest which when I'm in a rush in the morning is great.

After wearing this primer for a few hours, my oily patches do shine through under my foundation. I think that's pretty standard though when you do suffer with oily skin, those of you who do will understand. I think this primer gives me 3-4 hours wear before I do need to powder and blot the oily patches away. I think for such a cheap, affordable primer that's really good wear time.

Overall this primer is a pretty good, standard primer. It's not an outstanding primer but it definitely does a good job in terms of make up application after applying this product and keeping my oil away for a few hours. However, I can't say that the witch element has helped my skin in anyway since I began using this. For the price this is a great mattifying, pore minimising primer so would definitely recommend this. I also think this would work great on all skin types!

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