Sunday, 26 June 2016

Eucerin Dermo Purifyer Day & Night Care Moisturisers

A few weeks back I was having a bit of a splurge on Boots, mainly because I was in desperate need of a night time moisturiser and then just kinda wanted a new day time one as well. My skin was playing up a bit at the time too so I was on the look out for something to hopefully help with that issue. My mum had recently purchased a moisturiser from Eucerin and kept saying how much she loved it, so I headed to check them out on the Boots website. That's when I came across these two moisturisers, both from the same range, one for day time and one for the evenings. This range is aimed at oily, blemish prone skin which sounded right up my street. I was quite shocked at the price, in a good way, I thought they were going to be a lot more expensive than they actually were. If I remember correctly, they were around £10-11 each, so really not expensive at all and I actually ended up using my Boots points to purchase them which made it even better.

So firstly I will talk about the day time moisturiser, which comes in a tube with a pump so you can easily control the amount of product you need. This moisturiser is slightly green in colour which I thought may be to help control redness, due to the product being aimed at blemishes which we all know can become angry and red. This moisturiser feels very light on the skin and takes no time at all to sink into the skin, which is perfect when in a rush. It really helps my skin feel hydrated as well which not many products aimed at oily skin often do, so I really like that element to this product. My make up applies seamlessly over the top of this moisturiser which is another great factor. Having oily skin however means it's bound to make its way back to the surface of your skin when it feels like it. By lunch time my oiliness has arrived back but I simply just blot this away when on my lunch break, however this doesn't necessarily mean it's this moisturiser due to applying other products on top of it. Overall I am in love with this day time moisturiser and will definitely repurchase in the future. It simply helps all aspects of my skin which is what everyone looks for when buying a skin care product!

Onto the evening moisturiser which comes in a squeezey tube which I'm not the biggest fan of but again you can easily control how much product comes out. This moisturiser is white in colour and is a lot thicker and heavier in comparison to the day time one. You do slightly feel the heaviness of it on your skin; however that doesn't fully bother me as most evenings I will apply it with only a short period of time to go before I get into bed and go to sleep, but I do understand that this will bother some people. It is easy to apply though and you don't feel like your dragging it across your skin, it's really not that thick but in comparison to the day time one it seems so. This moisturiser definitely helps to keep my oiliness at bay throughout the night until when I wake in the morning. My skin feels fresh and hydrated and if I do have those red angry spots they do look reduced. After applying this product I would simply just put some spot gel onto my blemishes just to help (hopefully) eliminate them quicker. This doesn't affect the moisturiser in any way as from previous experiences sometimes the moisturiser doesn't like additional products applied over the top, but this one worked a treat with other products. Obviously you don't need to apply anything else over the top if you don't need to but just at times with my larger spots I felt the need too. Again, I absolutely love this night time moisturiser and definitely think I will be repurchasing in the future.

If you're skin type is similar to mine then I would 100% recommend trying these two moisturisers out as I am really enjoying using them. I really want to check out the rest of Eucerin's products and see what else they have to offer, especially within this range.

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