Sunday, 3 July 2016

It's Been a While & Exciting News

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As the title of this blog post suggests; I know it's been a really long time since I literally just sat down with my laptop and typed (since not having to write any uni work anyway). So I thought on this relatively sunny Sunday, that I would do just that. I'm not fully sure what I'm going to babble on about entirely in this post just yet but we shall see where this goes.
Since my last lifestyle post, I have finished university for good; which I must add is a great feeling. However the weekend after I finished I was a bit stumped; I felt like I needed uni work to be doing. The feeling of freedom, not having the stress to finish an essay just felt strange. I have however now got over that but have moved onto something else. I love my job and always want to do things to improve. Therefore now, with finishing my degree, I want to go on various courses to develop myself. I may sound nerdy here but I do love to learn new things, therefore my next step is to definitely either learn something new or develop a skill I already have to benefit my work. When you enjoy your job so much, the feeling you get when you do something to improve is amazing.
Moving on from finishing university, I have been out celebrating a few weekends in a row; which has been amazing. This is my first weekend, after three celebrations, that I've stayed in and am bracing myself for next weekend when there's another (final) celebration. I knew finishing university was a big thing but I didn't know how I would feel and I actually felt very emotional (please tell me this was normal!? Ha ha). Not attending weekly, seeing my friends, completing work etc felt very, very strange. So as I mentioned I'm going to fill that time with other work to improve myself, which actually makes me feel good.
Onto the exciting news part... I've kept this pretty much a secret, except a few hints here and there. But now it's getting closer to the date, my exciting news if that I've purchased my own house!!!! I didn't want anything to go wrong in the process, hence why I've kept it a secret, but now that it's pretty much (fingers crossed) all final I wanted to tell you guys. It's been such a big move for me, however it has been something I've wanted to do for a very long time. For at least 2 years now I've made it very clear that I cannot wait to move out and have a place of my own. Initially it was going to be a rented accommodation but with my savings, I've actually managed to buy my own property! I'm hoping you can gage my excitement through my words on this post, but I literally cannot wait. As much as I love being at home, having my own space and something to call my own is what I've always wanted. I'm quite an individual person who likes her own space so I think this is going to be perfect for me! I will definitely keep you updated and when I finally move it I will share pictures and all sorts. Hopefully it's not going to be much longer now before I have somewhere to call my own :-)


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  1. AHHH I am so excited for you! Me and my boyfriend recently bought our first house, and it is such an amazing feeling. It is stressful though, so warning you about that now. ;)

    But so damn excited for you. ^_^


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