Saturday, 4 March 2017

La Roche Posay Respectissime


I was kindly sent these lovely products from La Roche Posay recently. I've mentioned my love for this brand so many times since the beginning of my blog and it still firmly remains one of my favourites. So when these unexpectedly arrived through my letter box, it's safe to say I was very excited.

Firstly the teal pouch which the two products arrived in is just beautiful! It's by Katie Loxton, who I can't say I've heard of before, but have since fallen in love with. It's such a lovely colour and such good quality! I would definitely recommend checking out her website here.

Onto the two products I received, both from La Roche Posay's Respectissime range, which is aimed at sensitive eyes. I don't have sensitive eyes when it comes to mascara, however I do when it comes to removing my eye make up.

So firstly the mascara which only has purified pigments and is nickel-controlled to avoid any irritation, it also contains an 'anti-tears formula' which ensures eyes do not react or run which I think is such a great aspect of this mascara! The brush of this mascara is relatively slim which I personally like as you can get close to the lash line, therefore creating more volume. This mascara really makes my lashes voluminous, look longer and is very black in colour. You can definitely layer this mascara for a more night out look or keep it every day with just a swipe over your lashes.

Secondly the eye make up remover which is fragrance and paraben free, which minimises the risk of intolerance and removes make up without irritating the eyes. This is like other eye make up removers where you shake the bottle to mix the product together, then put onto a cotton pad and wipe your eyes. I really like this make up remover and it does not irritate my eyes in the slightest! I don't need to drag my eye to remove the make up, I just give the cotton pad a little wiggle and go over my lashes a couple of times and it's all removed!

If you have sensitive and irritable eyes then I would definitely recommend you check out this range from La Roche Posay! I'm really enjoying both of these products and the Katie Loxton pouch now has a firm place within my everyday hand bag!

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