Wednesday, 29 February 2012

No7 stay perfect - Poolside Blue

The No7 £5 voucher from Boots are back so yes, I'm grabbing all the vouchers from my family and friends and getting these varnishes as with the voucher they are only £2! This time I went for quite a bright blue. It's called Poolside Blue and I fell in love (I also don't have a nail varnish this colour so thought it was perfect) Also this week I invested in the OPI correct & clean up pen. Even though I LOVE painting my nails and do it all the time I still get varnish on the tops of my fingers and usually use a cotton bud, although this helps I still sometimes am left with a smudge. So thought this OPI pen would solve that problem and I must say... it really does help! It's just like nail varnish remover but on the end of a pen and that fact that it's a nice and thin shape helps A LOT! It means you can get into the small places where nail varnish drips into without ruining the varnish that's on your nails! I really would recommend this product. Again on these nails I used my Rimmel top and base coat and Avon liquid freeze to dry them off :-)

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  1. I have been searching for this colour blue for the past few weeks! How on earth did I miss this in boots!? Argh. I ended up with a Barry M one called indigo instead. I need to go back for this haha.

    Lovely blog Hun xx


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