Thursday, 1 March 2012

Gonna party like it's my birthday

I went out for my birthday, 25.02.12, with my girls! Although a few gave excuses as they couldn't come I wasn't bothered and wanted to make the most of my night out with the girls who actually came. So the night started when I dip dyed my friends hair, painted our nails, fake eyelashes, make up and finally the dress and heels! I love having a night out every now and then with my girls as every night turns out differently. Whilst out we saw some of our other friends which made it special, some people I hadn't seen in a while! Overall I had such a good night out and enjoyed every moment of it (from what I remember, hehe!) and I cannot wait to go out again! Just another excuse to buy a new dress and heels...


  1. Natalieeee .. You have been nominated for a versatile blogger award! X

  2. Oh really?! :-) what does that mean? Hehe x


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