Friday, 4 January 2013

Haul post #5

Hello Ladies! I hope you're all well and enjoying the new year so far.. Well recently I seem to have been purchasing a few bits and bobs here and there. Some of these have been from before Christmas and some after but I thought I'd save them up and put them all in a haul post for you. First thing, I had a blooper! I actually put the first shirt in this haul post in my 'What I got for Christmas 2012' post by total accident!! And for that I apologise, so if you've already read that post and have seen my first item, I did not get it for Christmas and actually brought it just before. The pictures were all jumbled and big woops!! But I'll continue none the less.

So first of all is a shirt I picked up in Primark, my friend picked it up first then when I saw it in her hands I had to go and pick one up for myself! It's a chiffon blouse and has the most beautiful collar which is the main reason why I love it. It's quite a large collar and has a sort of vintage look to it with embroidery, flowers and scallop edging. It really is adorable, although they didn't have my normal size I had to get a size smaller but it still fits well. The other good part, this was only £8, which is such a bargain. I also think this could be worn under a jumper with the collar peeping out :-)

Next I got this cardigan from H&M. It was in the sale and an absolute bargain at £10! It's black, but also came in cream, and it is really chunky and thick which has been perfect for the chilly weather we've been having. I got this in a size large just because I really wanted it to be oversized and warm and it definitely is that! The material is so nice so considering the price it was a steal and I'm so chuffed I found it. I'd been wanting a black chunky cardigan for so long!

It was Boxing day and I instantly hit the sales on the internet. I'm not one for going to the sales on Boxing day as I really don't understand who would, for me it's like a second Christmas day with the other half of my family. Anyway I clicked onto River Island to try and find this item and a coat I'd been eying up. I came across the coat first of all, I featured it in my November wish list, but unfortunately it was only left in a big size so was gutted. But on a brighter note I found this blazer I'd wanted before Christmas and was reduced from £35 to £20 and was in my size so straight away it went into my basket and ordered! It also arrived so quickly which I was really impressed about. It's a really lovely floral pattern with a vintage hint to it due to the colours I think. It's perfect to brighten up any outfit day or night so I'm really excited to wear this!

This next one is bargain of the year! I picked this back combing brush up in Primark, and you guessed it.. It was £1! AND it's pink! I couldn't believe it, I had actually been eying up one of these brushes on eBay and it was still only around £3 but I'm glad I waited. It might have only been very cheap but it works amazingly well and with a bit of hairspray after use it holds my hair really well. It's just as good as any other back combing brush I'm sure, so if you haven't seen one of these, then you should definitely go and find one in your local Primark.

For Christmas I got a gift voucher from my Aunt and Uncle for New Look so I headed into a local one with my mum the other day and found these babies in the sale. I've needed a new pair of jeans for a while as recently I've just been living in this one pair from Primark. I was searching the messy sale and I came across this pair of jeans in my size, shocking. They're a normal skinny jean but the label says something about shaping your bum and thighs? So even better, ha ha. They were reduced from £25 to £10 which is an absolute bargain and they fitted like a glove which I love because I'm always so fussy about jeans so I'm really glad I found this pair. Also I still have some money left on my voucher which is a bonus.

This DVD was a spur of the moment buy, was just in Tesco with my mother again and I always seem to head down the DVD and CD isle to see if I can find a bargain. I'm obsessed with DVD's and own so many of them and Tesco seem to always have the odd few for £3, which this one was. It's called 'Life As We Know It' I haven't heard of this one before but it has Katherine Heigl in it who I love. So my DVD collection is still ever growing and I can't wait to watch it.

Next is a little work purchase and these are so sweet. They're a pack of 3 little ladybird earrings in red, white and yellow. They are the cutest earrings ever! And obviously a lovely bargain with my staff discount ;-) he he. I think they are normally £4 from Accessorize. I just thought they were a bit quirky and different. I'm not normally an earrings person but have been loving these.

One night I was shopping eBay and came across this shop that sold millions of different bracelets, the thing that caught my eye was the price. They were all 99p, bargain, so I didn't think I could go too wrong. I picked up this spike one as we all know spikes are all the rage at the moment and I loved it. Thought it was just a simple chuck on bracelet that I would pretty much be able to wear with everything! The one downside was that it was coming from China which meant a LONG delivery time, but for 99p I really can't complain. I did also buy a skull bracelet too but don't have a picture uploaded yet, sorry!

I went shopping with my mum only the other day and came across this really pretty vintage shop in a local town and I literally could have gone made in there buying so many different bits and bobs! I stood my ground and only got a couple and again what bargains they were. The first thing I picked up was this really cute plate, it was only £2 so I just couldn't leave it there. It looks like a Cath Kidston print as well but for a fraction of the price. Next I purchased this sweet little heart decoration with a baby blue ribbon with spots on. I had no idea where I was going to place this in my bedroom but I needed to have it nonetheless. And it was only £1.49! The candle I picked up from Godfrey's simply because it smells amazing!!! It's vanilla cupcake which is gorgeous and again was only £1.49.

Finally me and mum popped into Tesco and I'd seen these candles around quite a bit but had no idea where to get them from but finally found them! I picked this Jelly Bean candle up in Bubblegum scent and it smells amazing. I really wasn't a fan of any of the other scents and I also have the matching air freshener for my car which is yummy!

Sorry if I've rambled on for a long time but I hope you enjoyed this haul post and go find yourself some bargains :-) I'd love to see some of your recent haul posts too! xo


  1. I love the lady bug earrings :) x

  2. That Primark shirt is absolutely gorgeous!! I'm heading there tomorrow I hope I can find one! Loving the blazer too X


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