Saturday, 12 January 2013

Soap and Glory: Love At First Blush Review

Hello Ladies! This is the first review of the mountains of make up I got for Christmas, if you've seen my 'What I got for Christmas' post then you'll know what's to come. How long ago does Christmas seem now by the way? Feels months ago which is rather sad! Anyway I actually haven't seen many other reviews on this product.. That may just be because it's not new out. My friend got me this for Christmas along with some other Soap and Glory products including mascara and eye shadow palette, which I am also in love with.

I've had my eye on this product for SO long and my friend knew it! The packaging, the colours.. the everything! It's such a pretty blusher, I'm running out of describing words for this product because it's so amazing! (There was another one, he he) Firstly... the packaging, EVERY Soap and Glory product has such cute and pretty packaging that it always seems so hard to resist buying at least something. When opened there are so many different colours included it's gorgeous, shimmery and lovely! There's also a little mirror so it's such an easy product to pop into your handbag and re apply on the go, which again makes it even more appealing.

This shade is in pink, pop and pearl and I believe it may also come in other shades too. As you can see I've tried to take a picture of the colours included for you but the picture doesn't do it justice, if you haven't seen it, head into your local Boots and check out the colours. They are all gorgeous shades of pink, dark and light. Then there's also a pretty pearly white. When I apply this I literally use my blush brush and sweep it around and over all the colours and then apply. Once it's on the skin it's beautiful. It makes my cheeks stand out more and glisten! And like the box says, it does give you a rosy glow. It really is a more of a glittery and shimmery blush but I'm really enjoying using it.

I believe this retails for £11 which is more than what I would usually spend on a blusher but I love it at the moment and may even have to re purchase now I've used it once! Always the trick of the trade is this. But if you don't know already, then I am one of those girls who loves to try different products and brands once an old one runs out, bit of an experimentalist I'd like to say, hehe. 

If you love a shimmery blush more than a matte blush then this is definitely the blush for you! I would recommend this an awful lot :) Have you tried this blush? Let me know what you think :-) xo


  1. Where can you get this from? At Boots they only have body and hands care products??

  2. I just recently got this blusher and cannot stop using it. Love it! x


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