Friday, 18 January 2013

Mickey Mouse

Top - ASOS (mens section)
Jeans - Primark
Necklace - Accessorize
Watch - Michael Kors

If you live in the UK you'll know to a lot of people today, it is a snow day. The snow fell late last night and is due to fall from lunch time for the rest of the day. I was due to start work at 9am this morning but to be honest, there was no way I was going to drive myself 40 minutes in this weather which would increase my journey time and probably leave me stranded when the snow falls. So here I am still in bed writing this post for you! We also had a lot of snow on Tuesday which left the city I work in at a stand still in which I had to abandon my car and get the train home which was pretty hysterical!

Anyway in other news, I've opted for a OOTD post for you on this snowy day. I got this top for Christmas and I am literally in love with it (as are my nieces who love Mickey/Minnie mouse). It's a quirky design and is lovely and loose fitting. The main reason for the loose fitting is probably because I picked it up from the mens section on ASOS. But is one of those t shirts that you can just literally chuck on with anything such as; leggings, jeans, disco pants, high waisted shorts or a skirt. So it really is versatile which is what I love as when I buy something I, like most people I'm guessing, think what I could wear it with that's already sitting in my wardrobe at home.

I paired it with jeans, these are my trusty pair of skinny jeans which are from Primark.. I wear them all the time! They are incredibly comfortable and admittedly very old! I have found that since going back to Primark to find a pair similar that the sizing has changed and they just don't seem as comfortable. But I'm guessing they may just need to be worn in as all skinny jeans but I have never yet taken the plunge into a new pair as I love this pair too much!

I then added an Accessorize collar necklace which I fell in love with when it arrived in store! It's a lovely teal/blue/green colour (hard to describe ha ha) but I think it can instantly just set an outfit off and can be paired with a rather loud patterned top or with something very plain as the key piece. Which again is something I love about it. It was rather pricey (thank god for staff discount) but I definitely would think it's worth it as it can be worn with many different outfits and styles.

So now I'm tucked up in bed I'm going to put a new DVD on and wait for more snow fall to come. If you also have a snow day today I hope you enjoy yourselves but if you're having to go outside then please take care :-) xoxo


  1. Oh i just love that top, it's super cool and cute as a button at the same time!


  2. I love the top and the necklace, too!

  3. hey i saw the comment you left on my blog :) i use followgram then just printscreen and crop them :) extremely easy! xx

  4. That top is the best, love it! Nice find!

  5. Love your Mickey Mouse top, it's so cute :) I've been looking for something similar but haven't quite found anything yet, I need to go to Primark!

  6. love the tee.

    check my blog. i just brought some cute disney tights that you might love.



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