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Huge Haul

Hello Ladies!

Well recently it seems that I have been purchasing rather a few bits here and there so what better way to share it other than a huge haul post? :) I think I may have got a little bit carried away at times but when I'm so addicted to clothes and beauty bits I just sometimes can't seem to help it! I also think over the past couple of weeks I've been feeling a bit down mainly due to work but fingers crossed things will soon get better. All these bits are what I've purchased just over the past couple of weeks so I shall start now..

First of all, probably one of my favourite items of clothing I've purchased.. disco pants! I had been eying these up on the Topshop website for quite a while but never took the plunge mainly because I was unsure about what size to order. I'm always reading the reviews people leave on the Topshop website and people were saying that they needed a smaller size and so on so thought it may be best to go in store. So one lunch break I popped in and tried them on and instantly fell in love! They are the most flattering pair of trousers I own, I honestly think they could be perfect for any occasion whether it's a night out or day shopping. They were only £30 as well which I thought was amazing considering the American Apparel ones are more than double that!

Next I was browsing the remains of the Topshop sale and came across this beauty. The main reason I clicked on this to begin with was the price tag... it was only £7! *gasp* Also recently I've got a thing for turtle neck jumpers (I've also ordered 2 more from H&M which unfortunately haven't arrived yet) but I just think they look the most cosy and comfy jumpers ever! This one is for more warmer weather as it is very thin but I have been wearing a long sleeved top underneath when it's chilly so it is versatile. It also came in a few other colours; navy and olive and to be honest I wish I has bought another colour as I love it. Considering it was £20 full price it had a lot of money off it which was perfect.

Confession: I've had this top for AGES and I actually forgot about it! I found it in my wardrobe a couple of weeks back still with the tags on tucked away at the back which is really not like me. I'm usually one of those people who buys something new and then wears it straight away!Anyway I found this and that night I was heading out with my friends from work so thought this was the perfect tee to team with my new disco pants featured above. This is just a simple black oversized tee and if you know me I'm more of an oversized, floaty top/dress kinda girl as apposed to bodycon clothing. This has rolled sleeves as well which is always a little feature I love on tees. This also came in many different colours so think I will definitely be investing in more! I think this was around £18.

Next I got this shirt from work as my new uniform. I usually try and pick something that I would wear outside of work or again when I no longer need to wear it for work. Sometimes that doesn't always work though, I seem to wear it to death at work! Ha ha. But I really loved this pattern and although I really am not a fan of butterfly's, I loved everything else about this. I thought I would be able to wear a necklace under the collar and either roll the arms up or down so I thought it was really versatile and perfect for work.

Some body purchases I picked up recently were from Soap and Glory and I absolutely love Soap and Glory. All of their scents and products I find amazing. After seeing so many people pick up the new Sugar Crush body wash I had to jump on the bandwagon and do the same. Omg the scent is gorgeous!!!! If you have not smelt or picked this product up yet you definitely have too! I got this from Boots for £6.50 which is probably the most I've ever spent on a body wash but I couldn't leave it. Next I got the Mist You Madly body spray, the body spray that was in my handbag had recently run out so I decided to pick this up again simply because the smell is lovely. I picked up the smaller bottle as I just wanted it for my handbag and this size bottle was £3.50 from Boots also.

Now call me silly but I kept heading into my local Boots and just couldn't find the main Soap and Glory section. I always found the make up and face lotion and potions but never the main section (I finally found it recently hence why I purchased the two Soap and Glory items above he he) Anyway I'd been wanting this product for ages couldn't find it in Boots so I went onto eBay. I picked up this bottle for 99p and £2 postage which was an absolute bargain! I have been using this product a lot as due to work I'm on my feet all day and by the end of a week my poor feet are in agony so this product is a savior. Although on the bottle it says for best results use cotton socks after applying, I don't own any cotton socks (I have just ordered some) so have just been putting it on before bed then tucking my feet up in my duvet and have been loving the results! In Boots I know this product is £5.50.

I popped into New Look with my mum and sister the other week and clothing wise couldn't actually find anything I particularly liked so headed over to the jewellery section where I found these cute earrings. I'd been looking for some plain cross studs for a while so instantly grabbed them. I really wanted a silver pair but they didn't have any but loved them so much I picked them up anyway in gold. They were only £1.99 so I couldn't really complain. They are so easy to wear and just go with anything!

Yay for Primark! I headed in and found this amazing jumper! It's really hard to explain it's kinda bobbly, hopefully you can tell by the pictures! It's lovely and oversized again which I love, I think you can wear this just with jeans or even tucked into disco pants. It was a bargain at only £10 as well, it also came in a lighter colour as well so thinking I may have to go and pick that colour up too ;)

I love finding sneaky sale purchases at work! I picked up this really pretty notebook that was a bargain price at only £1.80!! I couldn't believe it, it's so pretty and thought it would be great to use as a blogging notebook so I can keep all of my blogging bits together. I usually would just use the notes section on my phone but want to start writing them down. I think it would then be nice at the end of the year or a few months down the line to remember what you've down and all your thoughts etc. inside there are different sections: one main part for writing then on the other side there are little notepads that say 'reminder' and 'notes' etc which I think is really cute.

When I was in Primark when I picked the jumper up I also found this necklace in the reduced section. I had previously seen this is one of Tanya Burr's recent hauls and loved it. I thought it would just easily go with anything rather plain and would instantly jazz it up a bit. It was originally £5 and reduced to £2 but all of them were broken so I asked at the till and she said I could have it for £1 then when I got home I easily fixed it so it was an amazing bargain! I recently wore this with my disco pants and Topshop oversized tee on my works night out and loved the look. I also really love the colour of this and think it will be great in the spring/summer.

I went a bit mad on eBay the other night and put a sneaky bid in on this camera in the last few seconds and 'accidentally' won it! He he. I had been wanting one for quite a while so when I saw this one on eBay and it was PINK, I wanted it even more. I loved the fish eye effect pictures as I think they're so different and look really awesome. Although I've now received the camera I now need to purchase some films for it so that I can start taking cool pictures! I've heard good reviews about these cameras so really can't wait to try it out for myself. I got this on eBay for around £28 and on the website they are £45 I believe. So yes I'm really excited so if any of you have tried these also I'd love to know and see the pictures you have taken!

Finally when I picked up the Topshop jumper I also found these beauties. I absolutely love Topshop shoes as I always find it hard to actually find a pair that fit my feet properly as not many places so half sizes. So I always have to end up getting the bigger size and then putting insoles in them so that they fit. But Topshop shoes fit me perfectly, NO insoles! Which is why I love them so much. I actually have this pair in plain black with the studs on them but have pretty much worn them to death. So when I saw this pair on their website reduced from £28 to £7, I could not leave them. I love leopard print and am partial to a few studs so couldn't go wrong. I find their flats super comfy as well!

Well it feels like this post has taken me absolutely ages to write so I hope you enjoy seeing what I've brought :) If you've uploaded any haul posts lately then I'd love to see them and have a nosey at yours too! xoxo

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  1. This is such a good haul :) I love the camera, it's so cute. Sugar Crush is my favourite body wash too, it smells divine :) The necklace is lovely too xx
    Gem ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie


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