Friday, 25 January 2013

My blog's 1st birthday & giveaway!

Hello Ladies!

First of all I'd like to say Happy Birthday to my blog, although it was last week and this is a bit belated, I am very sorry. But it was my blog's 1st birthday last week and I couldn't believe I had been blogging for one year?! Where has the time gone? I felt like only a few months. I guess when I started my blog I felt like a little lost sheep but soon after connecting with social networking sites to promote my blog I couldn't believe how quickly it grew from nothing to something. And personally I felt so proud, just by the fact that people actually wanted to read my little blog. I absolutely love the blogging community as everyone is so lovely and especially helpful! I know all you bloggers know what I'm talking about and I'm glad I can now be apart of it. 

Anyway enough about me... since it's a special week I thought I would host a giveaway. I've been picking these bits up over a few weeks and just wanted to pick up various different items so that it (hopefully) appeals to all of you :)

So, one of you will win:
Impress Nails in a floral print
Lets Go Lashes in Tease
Models Own Make Up Sponges
Elf Nail Polish in Glitter Glam
Elf Lip Glaze in Ruby Kiss

This giveaway will run from the 25th January to the 17th February. P.s. I know I have changed the format and am now using Rafflecopter but I would like to give everyone an equal opportunity. The entries that have been made already will still be included and not forgotten when the winner is announced.

GOOD LUCK and thank you for supporting my blog over the past year, I don't want to go soppy but I really do appreciate it! :)     
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  1. Really excited about the sponges and the polish!

    Name: Nuša
    Email: moonchildblog[at]
    GFC name: Nuša Pavlič
    Twitter name: NusaPavlic
    Pinterest name: moonchild666

  2. Name: NIKA
    GFC name: NIKA
    Twitter name: NIKA80s
    Bloglovin name: Nika's ... Inspirations, 80's life and Beauty
    Pinterest name: nika80slife

    Congratulations - to your 1first blog birthday - I can't wait until my will reach the first birthday too:) Anyway the imPress Nails seems to be really cute and stylish and how lovely is the nailpolish :)


  3. lovely giveaway, happy birthday to your blog!
    Name: natasha
    GFC name: natasha
    Twitter name: @_cuticleoilblog
    Bloglovin name:
    Pinterest name:
    Instagram name:
    Tweet url:

  4. Name: Joanna
    GFC name: mintyessence
    Bloglovin name: mintyessence

    Congrats on your milestone. You have done so well so far :)


  5. yahh it's my blog first birthday too and I have a giveaway up on the 2/2/2013

    Name:sophie edward
    Twitter name: @sophiepatty

  6. This is a fab giveaway!! :D

    Name: Gemma Turner
    GFC: Gemma Turner
    Twitter Name: @Makeup_Magpie
    Blog Lovin' : Miss Makeup Magpie

    I've got a giveaway too.. if you'd like to enter Natalie <3
    Gem ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  7. Name: Rachael Given
    GFC: Rachael G
    Twitter: @rhannah13

    Thanks for the great giveaway!! :D

  8. Thank you for the giveaway lovely!
    GFC courtzz,, @xcourtz xx

  9. :) thanks for such a lovely giveaway! xx

  10. Happy Blog Birthday :)
    Mine turned two this week and I have a giveaway up too :)


  11. Lovely giveaway!


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