Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Benefit Boi-ing Concealer Review


Over Christmas I made a little splurge on some 'higher end' make up, this Benefit concealer being one of them. I'm always on the look out for new concealers as my skin is very spot prone I tend to find it hard to find 'the one'. I think with every bit of make up, like mascara, foundation etc, there's always 'the one' and that hunt can be a bloody big one! I'm always buying different drug store concealers when I've run out to try and achieve this.

So just before Christmas when Debenhams had 10% off beauty I thought I'd treat myself. I went over to Benefit and the assistant helped me choose. At the moment I believe Benefit only have 2 concealers, with Fake Up soon to be released, which are Erase Paste and Boi-ing. The assistant basically told me that the Boi-ing concealer was the best out of the 2 for blemishes and darker areas which you want to cover up. So she then matched me up to shade 2 for a slightly warmer look, as she originally said I could have been either shade 1 or 2 and was between the two shades.

When I first started using this I really did like it, it blended it well with my foundation and at the time I just had the odd one spot so it worked fine. The colour matched perfectly, it's a lovely creamy consistency so was again easy to apply. It's quite a heavy concealer which means it's great for blemishes but I wouldn't want to use this under my eyes as I think it would weigh it down rather a lot. I used this for a good couple of weeks and then my skin had a bad turn and wasn't very nice. I had a lot more blemishes than usual. So when I went to use this concealer thinking it would cover them perfectly, it didn't. I'm not really sure why I guess it just couldn't handle the amount on my skin! But it would just cake the blemish and make it look twice as bad. Like where I had a few blemishes in the same area it's as if the concealer would just stick to the area between the blemishes and not the blemishes. Although when there's just a single blemish it's an amazing concealer and covers it so well! I know this is such a random review but I hope you'll understand where I'm coming from! Ha ha, and if you do have blemish prone skin with just the odd couple of spots then I would recommend this concealer. But if your skin is, sometimes like mine, where you have like small rashes of spots then I'd steer clear.

I hope you enjoy the honesty and are able to understand, he he! I'm also really excited about the launch of Benefit's Fake Up concealer after reading many beauty bloggers reviews after going to the Benefit event! Definitely will be snatching it up, will you? Have you tried the Boi-ing concealer? I'd love to know your thoughts! Hope you're having a lovely week and that this cold weather disappears soon :) xo


  1. Great review I was thinking of trying this but probably won't now! I'm going to one of the fake up launches in bristol so I'll def be picking one up! Xx

  2. Thankyou for this review! I've been on the lookout for a great concealer for a while now and was thinking about this one, i'll definitely be splashing out a little.


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