Saturday, 16 March 2013

Review: 17 Blush in China Pink

Can you notice anything different? YES I am finally using my brand new spanking camera for my blog pictures! I'm still only learning how to use it properly but thought that my little chest of drawers would be a nice little space to take pictures. I hope you can tell the difference, I certainly can and I really am loving the outcome of the pictures as well as loving my camera :)

Anyway onto the review, I've actually had this blush for quite some time now but you know we always end up buying new ones and then the old ones get shoved to the back of the drawer. Until one day you rummage through that drawer and find the make up items that you used to love. Then you re kindle that love and end up writing a review about it for everyone who follows your blog. Well that's basically it! I had a nice little sort out of my drawer a couple of weeks back and came across this beauty. So I thought I'd give it another whirl and god I'm glad I did. I've literally fallen back in love with this!

Firstly the colour, it's such a gorgeous pink, slightly subtle and matte looking. The final picture is me trying to get the best picture of the colour as possible, it's oh so very close to perfect. It's one of those products that you have to go and see yourself for it to capture your breath. It's so so so pigmented that you barely need any on your brush for it to show on your cheeks. A few sweeps and you're ready to go with this blush.

The application is also very easy, like I said a couple of sweeps on each cheek and the colour is already intense. The colour on the cheeks is just as pretty as it is in the pot and there's no need to re apply throughout the day as it really does last. I put this on before a 9 hour shift at work and when I get home you can still see the gorgeous hint of pink on my cheeks. I've used this rather a lot now and you can also see in the pictures that I've barely scraped the top layer off so I can see this lasting a long time too!

Seeing as I purchased this a while ago I literally cannot rack my brain to remember how much I paid for this but I know for sure it was under £5, which for an amazing blush is definitely not bank breaking money. The one slight downside would be the packaging, it's just plastic nothing special, but I honestly don't think any of us would expect something dazzling for under £5? Also it's the product inside that's worth the hype and not the packaging.

I definitely recommend this blusher if you're after a new one and it's definitely worth a try for the price! I remember there being a variety of other colours too so it may be worth checking those out if this pink isn't for you :) I hope you love the new pictures and the review, have a lovely weekend xo


  1. This is such a pretty blush, i have never tried the 17 blushes before xxxxx

  2. Oh i love the quality of your new camera! I love 17 but have never tried their blushes; this one looks gorgeous, though

    please check out my blog if you have the time?

  3. such a pretty shade! love the photos with your new camera too

    from helen at thelovecatsinc // youtube

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  4. This is a lovely shade! I love the 17 blushes. I have one in 'Flush' which is beautiful! xx


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