Sunday, 31 March 2013

Happy Easter

I love days like today, it means so many different things for different people. Religion, family, food etc. For me personally it's all about family, as you can probably see by all the pictures. This is just a quick post to share my Easter weekend with you as unfortunately, within Retail, you don't get many days off so I am back to work tomorrow :( I had a lovely weekend filled with seeing all of my family, eating chocolate, roast dinners, walks in the cold and just quality time with the people who mean the most to me.

I am very much a family orientated girl so spending as much time with my family as possible always means a lot to me. I never want to miss out on a moment, although my job tends to pull me away from that. I seem to miss out on things such as family get togethers which I absolutely hate. So this weekend was super fun and stress free from work. Juggling my time between the two is always hard, you'll know exactly what I mean if you work within Retail. Late nights, long shifts and working weekends. As much as I do enjoy my job, I think I can speak for most people, spending time with the important people is so much more special.

Ramble over, this quick post is just to share my weekend and to say that I hope you too have had a lovely weekend filled with the things you love most. P.s. I hope you all think of me whilst I'm working my long 9 hour shift tomorrow if you have the day off ;) xo

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