Monday, 25 March 2013


Is it just me or has March been THE longest month ever!? It still feels like payday is weeks away but fear not it's now only days away :) Now I've also noticed that I do not need 5 dresses in 1 month but they are all just so pretty I couldn't resist putting them in this post and showing you! 

Now along with all the things above I've found the prettiest bag which I also want.. whoops. It's very hard to find a bag to please me, I'm very fussy with them and the tiniest detail can put me off straight away! The reason I haven't included a picture is because it won't let me on the website so I'll just have to share the link with you instead, sorry! But here it is:,acc_1.7/3891791500

CONFESSION: I finished writing this post then thought of the great invention that is Google and decided to google the bag... where I found the perfect picture of it. Why did I not think of this before? I do not know the answer.. but anyway I shall now leave you with a picture of the gorgeous bag below and leave the link above so you can check it out there also :)

 Now in a few days it'll be treat time, although I have said I'm only allowed to buy myself one of these items.. we'll see how that goes ;) over and out xo


  1. I love dresses five and six. Think you should buy number six for you - so cute!


  2. Hi, I'm your 300th follower! I love your blog it's lovely :)
    You picked some gorgeous dresses too, I really like the black flower one and the first white one, you've good taste :)

    Elle xo


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