Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Fragrance Direct Haul #2

Here I am again with another Fragrance Direct haul, but if you have shopped with them before then you'll know it's hard not to keep going back with such cheap and affordable prices! If you've never shopped with Fragrance Direct before then it's a site which sells make up, skin care, hair care, perfume and lots of other cosmetic bits & bobs at cheap prices. It's very hard to go onto the website and leave without buying anything or at least wanting to.

So I was on their website the other week and just couldn't resist. They have recently introduced OPI to their website so I was really keen to get my hands on a couple. The other item that everyone seems to head to Fragrance Direct for is Essie nail polishes and that's the first item I picked. This time I headed onto look at Essie they actually had so many shades to choose from. I restricted myself to one and picked up the shade 'Madison Ave-Hue'. It's a gorgeous pink/purple shade and a colour which I don't (think) I have in my collection. For only £1.99 compared to the retail at £7.99 it's such an amazing price and the item that I would always purchase on their website.

Next I picked up two OPI nail polishes, the first called 'Nothin' Mousie 'Bout It' which is a glitter with small heart confetti in from the Minnie Mouse collection. I wanted this nail polish as soon as this collection was released but resisted due to the price tag of £13 so when I saw this for £3.99 I couldn't resist. It's such a cute nail polish and think it could be paired with pretty much any colour polish. The second I picked up is called 'Pedal Faster Suzi!' which is a lovely baby pink with a shimmer in it. Again I've seen this polish before so couldn't leave it there once I'd seen it.

I then got two Revlon nail polishes, I've always tried make up bits from Revlon but have never tried one of their normal nail polishes. The price tag totally swayed me, are you ready for this? They were 99p! Yes under £1 for a nail polish. I picked up the two glitter ones which were available called 'Popular' which is a baby pink polish with silver speckles of glitter and 'Stunning' which is a plain silver glitter with different sized flecks. I'm excited to try these, as I said I've never tried Revlon polishes before, due to loving their other products and obviously the price.

After that I got two lipsticks the first being from Rimmel. Now the other week I picked up the exact same lipstick (in a different shade) from Boots for just over £5 I believe, then on Fragrance Direct they were on there for, yes you guessed it, 99p!I was gutted, ha ha! But on a brighter note I picked a new shade up as I love my other one, this time I got 'Sweetheart Tulips' which is such a pretty deep pink. Next I got a Maybelline Color Sensational Popstick (and breathe) again something I've always wanted to try so for £1.99 I had to try one. I picked up the shade 'Tropical Pink' which looks very vibrant but is actually quite sheer and very wearable which I love.

I then got some non-make up bits. I picked up two bits from the T Zone range which I've been enjoying using lately. I've already got one of their face scrubs which I like so thought I would try another which is the 'Dual Action Power Scrub', I then got the 'Skin Clearing Face Moisturiser'. This range is aimed at that troublesome skin for example blemish prone, blackheads and uneven tone. I suffer from those pesky spots so am always intrigued to find new products to help me out! They are cheap again, the scrub being 99p and moisturiser £1.99 so fingers crossed they produce good results. Finally I picked up a new angled brush. I want this for two things; my eyebrows and also eyeshadow when I want to push it close to my lash line as eyeliner. This was only 99p so I'm excited to try it and see the softness etc.

I hope you enjoyed this haul and if you haven't checked out Fragrance Direct then I definitely recommend it :-) I'll definitely be heading back soon. I also hope you've noticed the use of my new nail wheels which I think I got a bit over-excited about but I love them! He he, happy Tuesday xo


  1. I've ordered from fragrance direct before- it is so great! I did a mini haul a few months back on Essie nail varnishes. However your haul is a bajillion times better! #jealous


  2. ah these nail colours all look so so nice! loving pink shades for my nails atm<3
    fashion-belief.blogspot.co.uk x

  3. I've never ordered from Fragrance Direct but I love everything in your haul, especially that Tropical Pink lipstick!


  4. Some lovely bits here, it really is a great website :)
    Amy x
    -A Little Boat Sailing-

  5. That Essie polish looks so pretty :) xx

  6. you have a grate collection and awesome blog btw
    hope you can check mine and tell me what you think !!
    nadia xox


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