Saturday, 24 August 2013

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Notting Hill Nude

What a dreary bank holiday today looks like, typical British weather 'ey! So what a better way to cheer up than with one of my new favourite lipsticks from Rimmel. I purchased this from Boots a while back whilst in search for a nude lipstick, on the shelf at Boots they retail for £6.29 which isn't all bad for a lipstick. But if you've seen my latest Fragrance Direct haul then you will have seen that you can actually get this lipstick range from there for a mere 99p! Which is obviously such a big difference and although they don't offer the full colour range, the formula of these lipsticks is amazing.

As I said I got this in Boots a few weeks back as I was trying to find a nice new nude lipstick for everyday and I definitely found it. For me this is the perfect nude colour, I find it hard with nude lipsticks as sometimes they just simply do not suit your skin tone. I find this one suits my tone as I am rather pale and it doesn't wash me out, it's more of a brown toned nude. It really is a perfect everyday colour, I'm finally getting myself into lipsticks but still lack in confidence about wearing a bright colour on a normal day, so this nude is perfect for getting me into the swing of wearing it daily.

The formula of these lipsticks as I said is really lovely. They claim to be moisturising which I definitely agree with and they aren't drying at all. I have pretty dry lips so these are great for me and with just simply applying some lip balm underneath it applies like a dream. They also give off quite a nice shine which is quite pretty but the shine does wear off after a good few respectable hours. When this lipstick does start to wear off slightly, I know with some lipsticks that they tend to fade unevenly and patchy, which fortunately this one doesn't do. It fades evenly until reapplication is needed. 

The packaging is nothing special nor exciting, just simple purple plastic with the Rimmel logo embossed on the top. It's quite compact so nice and easy to chuck into your handbag for everyday or evening bag for a night out.

Overall I absolutely love both the formula and colour range, within Boots there's a lot more of a colour range but I'd definitely suggest holding out to see if you can find it on Fragrance Direct for just a smidgen of the price. This is definitely now one of my favourite drugstore/high street lipsticks and I totally recommend them.

Have you tried Notting Hill Nude? Or any other colours from this range? I'd love to know :-) Hope you all have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend!


  1. Very cool blog miss :) Love the layout. I've followed via GFC. Stay in touch xx

  2. Love a brown based nude, this looks gorgeous & you can't go wrong for 99p.
    Such a cute blog layout Hun.
    Maybe Its Megan Leigh xx

  3. I got this in a beauty box swap a few weeks ago and I love it! It's a nice alternative to just wearing nothing on my lips, but I am still looking for a more pinky toned nude as I think I suit them a little better :)

    Hannah x


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