Sunday, 24 November 2013

Joules wish list

So right now I should probably be writing my uni assignment but hey, here's a new blog post for you! (about time too hey!) But it's true, my blog has had to kind of take a back seat since I've started uni simply due to the work load and the lack of free time I have at the moment. Doing a placement and being at uni and having a job is rather a lot to tackle, I'm sure you'll agree if you do the same. But anyway browsing the Joules website after receiving emails from them about all their new products and offers etc but I'm only focusing on two specific items from them which I adore.

Joules range of Quilted Jackets are very well known. Everyone loves a quilted jacket from Joules, well I certainly do. They are simply timeless, they do a range of different colours in the first one pictured but I specifically liked this olive green although I was also drawn to the gorgeous raspberry colour (which you can see by clicking the link above). There's also another version of jacket which is again timeless but with a hood. No word of a lie a coat with a hood is always a winner with me, when you find yourself in that situation with no umbrella and no hood, what do you do? Wish you had both or one of those things! So the need for a hood, especially in the UK is a must! Joules jackets also have the most gorgeous lining either a pretty floral or an on trend tartan which I think tops off the look of these lovely jackets.

Joules range of Duvet Covers are simply to die for! My oh my, they are just gorgeous and would look perfect in that kind of shabby chic bedroom. Personally I love the floral ones (as you can see the two I've chosen are both floral) but there are a few other patterns to choose from. I believe these are relatively new to Joules, forgive me if I'm wrong, and they do kind of remind me of the Cath Kidston kind of style but obviously with their Joules spin on it. The other cool thing about these duvet covers is that they are reversible, which I think is a nice feature to have. So if you're not feeling the floral (in this case) then these two have a nice and simple stripe on the reverse which you can also have on show. They include tonnes of different colours within the pattern so your bedroom could really be any colour but I think I'd like it with a plain, simple wall as the duvet would then look like more of a statement piece in the room.

Overall I love Joules, especially the jackets and new home section but they obviously have a lot more to offer on their website which you can check out too! All their fashion items are pretty timeless and don't really go out of fashion which is nice when you're spending that little bit more on items of clothing. I'd love to know your favourite piece from Joules :-) Hope you're all having a nice and relaxing Sunday.. now I need to think assignment... xo


  1. Joules bedding is divine, I hope to have some one day on my bed :)
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

  2. Those duvet covers are lovely!! I never heard of Joules, thanks for sharing this :) xo

  3. There's some Joules products on the Boots website too in the Christmas 3 for 2 :D x


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