Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Avene thermal spring water

It's another one of those humid and muggy days in the UK and working through one of these days can be pretty darn testing. Running around after children in the heat isn't the most pleasant, although I do get to be out in the sunshine when it's out, compromises. So if you live in the UK then you'll know recently we've been having some pretty warm weather so I'm sharing this Avene product with you today to help you through!

I purchased this a while back from the Escentual website, if you read my blog I'm sure you'll know about it, if you don't then it's a great website to grab all of your french pharmacy items if you don't live there of course. I believe this product has been raved about by pretty much everybody in the blogger world especially over the summer months. I mean it is what it says on the tin, it's a thermal spring water. Translation: when you're hot spray it on your face. It also has many other purposes such as; soothing sun burn, nappy rash, to set make up, skin cleansing and just generally in summer. It's great for sensitive skin types which I have and it works beautifully.

This is definitely a summer staple product. Myself I've only so far used it for cooling down and have tried it for setting my make up which I'm not completely convinced on. It's a nice product to spray on your face in the morning after applying your make up but I wouldn't say that it really helps prolong make up wear, especially not when it's sweltering hot. But it is brilliant at cooling you down and you can spray it where you like! (there are some restrictions however naughty). This is also a super cheap and affordable product too and if you don't find yourself on the Escentual website you can also purchase from Boots or Feel Unique. There are also a range of different sizes you can buy - this one being the smallest just so I could try it out but also great for traveling.

Overall this is perfect for the summer months and I'll definitely be taking this product away with me on holiday in September to cool me down! Who'd have thought we need a cooling product in the UK? ;-) Happy Tuesday!

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  1. I love this product! I purchased it back in June and have been using it to feel refreshed on a warm day. I agree I don't think it really sets my make-up but I tend to spray it before I apply my make-up and then after lunch when it work I quickly spray it to feel refreshed! Love this and also tried a body shop Vitamin E spray which pretty much works in the same way. I find it helps my skin feel hydrated.

    Love your blog, you have such great reviews.

    Trish x


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