Sunday, 20 July 2014

Begging for payday

Golly it's only 5 days until payday but all of these bits above have made in into my Topshop basket already, although I'm still so far away from entering my card details (yes you know me, they're already saved on Topshop). But I will restrain myself until Friday at least.. 

I've always been a huge lover of Topshop, these pieces are all pretty simple staples but things that I have room for in my wardrobe. I've recently been having a slight clear out of my clothes and 1. I noticed my lack of bottoms e.g. jeans, shorts etc and 2. I do not own a playsuit any longer. Therefore they are a must right? I also seem to have a thing for high neck tops and this long sleeved one is no exception. With a nice statement necklace you can't go wrong. My oh my how pretty is the lace collar top? Anything with a collar draws me in and this gorgeous cornflower blue colour is a summer favourite of mine.

I'm also heading out on a summer holiday at the beginning of September so am slowly wanting to gather a few bits for that. I think the shorts, lace collar top and playsuit would be great pieces to take. I hope you've all had a lovely weekend - minus the storms! :-)


  1. nice wishlist, and never knew mom shorts existed - but they look really nice.

  2. i looked at that crepe top about 10mins ago and loved it haha, great picks!

    from helen at

    ps. there's a little Dahlia trench coat giveaway worth £80 on my blog right now, click here!

  3. I've seen that playsuit on the Topshop website and want it so much! Love those shorts as well.
    Sam x


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