Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Garnier Ambre Solaire 1 week glow bronzer (for face)

When I've fake tanned my arms and legs etc. ready for summer I've always been too scared to fake tan my face as I've always imagined it to be a complete disaster. So I normally just stray away and go a bit more full on with my bronzer. But not anymore, this Garnier Ambre Solaire bronzer for the face has converted my to fake tanning my face and I'm so glad I now do.

This product is so simple and easy to use yet the results are so effective which is what I love about any product really. If they're easy to use and the results are great, what's stopping you? I actually purchased this as a result from watching Vivanna Does Makeup on YouTube and it's such a great recommendation. This product comes with step to step instructions, bonus, and I stick to them every time and always love the outcome.

First I simply exfoliate my face, at the moment I just use a small tester one I found lurking in my draws but any will do as long as your scrubbing off all that dry skin. I then wash it off and then apply the bronzer. It comes out of the tube actually quite peachy/orangey looking but it's not at all once applied to the face. I actually use my hands to apply this product as I've found that, as long as they are washed straight after application, the product doesn't leave that nasty fake tan hands look. You do also just have to make sure that during application you blend this into your hairline and eyebrows so you don't have a line around your face. Also that you try and apply as evenly as possible, which is easier to say than do, but I find as long as I really work the tan into my skin then all is well.

And that's it! Voila! Such an easy product to use and it really does leave my face looking bronzed when I wake up in the morning, as I tend to do this in the evenings. It does not leave my face streaky in anyway whatsoever. It does say that with this product you then won't need to wear foundation, I still preferably do just a slightly darker one from my normal skin tone. This is obviously down to preference, I just like to still put some on for that extra coverage that I feel comfortable with. There is a slight smell to this product but personally I don't find it at all horrible and it's definitely not that horrible fake tan smell. It actually says it includes apricot extract so maybe that deters the smell away from your normal fake tan smell. As for the lasting 7 days I think it really does, I would say definitely no longer than 7 days and anything after kinda 5 days you could probably reapply as that's when it starts to really fade away.

I'd definitely recommend this product as I absolutely love it and I would say don't be scared! This was my first fake tan on my face and it turned out brilliantly so give it a whirl. I'd love to know if you have any other face fake tan recommendations :-)

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  1. I always find tanning my face such a nightmare, i may have to try this after your recommendation x



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