Wednesday, 30 July 2014

The Body Shop haul

So a couple of weeks back now me and my mum headed to Bury St. Edmunds to meet up with my god mum and do a little bit of shopping. It was a horrible rainy day weather wise but in general I had such a lovely day after not seeing my god mum for many years. Shopping was always going to happen when 3 girls are close to shops but I did restrain myself and basically only purchased these bits from The Body Shop. I don't normally shop in The Body Shop although some of their products are firm old time favourites of mine. But this time there were a couple of new bits that I wanted to get my hands on and try.

First a story.. whilst in The Body Shop I was looking on my phone for a voucher code as I know they normally have one on their, which they did for 40% off which was amazing. So I went to the till with my items and discount, the lady said she wasn't sure if discount would come off the flawless finish set due to it already being on offer but she would try. In the end she said the total was around £7... I was like really? you're joking? And she said no that's the only way she could see to take it off. Sooooo yeah I got all the above for £7 which is absolutely crazy but great for me I guess!

So  anyway firstly I picked up the set called 'Flawless finish collection' which includes their Instablur primer and bb cream. I got this in the shade 02 and the colour actually adapts to the colour of your skin tone. I'd seen a few people talk about both of these products (mainly gabby from velvetgh0st) and I was persuaded. I was actually in need of a new primer so this was a great way to get a new one and try both new products out together. As these came in a pack together they were slightly cheaper and came out at £20 for both but due to my discount I obviously got them cheaper.

Next I got the Rainforest Balance conditioner for oily hair. I already have a shampoo for oily hair so wanted to also grab a conditioner and see how the two worked together (although from different brands). This conditioner doesn't include anything nasty and is just aimed to keep your hair free from oil for longer. My hair can get quite oily at the roots quite quickly so any products that help keep the oil at bay are a winner for me. So I'm excited to try this to see if it helps at all. I believe this retails for around £4.50 normally.

Finally I picked up a cute travel Seaweed Clarifying toner. This is for combination/oily skin which is what I have and I actually found this in the sale section and only for 75p!! Bargain, so I obviously couldn't leave it, I actually wish I had picked up more and saved them for holidays etc. This simply aims to help remove dirt, impurities and excess oil from your face. It's got a lovely fresh scent to it which is really nice when applying and so far I've really been enjoying using it.

And that wraps it up, everything I purchased from The Body Shop. They have some amazing products in store at the moment which are definitely worth checking out! And download a voucher code app onto your phone as I'm pretty sure they always have some kind of offer on which is brilliant for us beauty shoppers. I hope you enjoyed this haul and I'd love to know if you've tried any of the products I purchased :-)


  1. I hardly ever go into the Body Shop, but people always seem to find some great stuff in there - plus they have so many sales! Great little haul, you've definitely made me want to pop in soon. xx

  2. I bought the teatree oil toner ages ago but I've got so much of it left because I'm so bad at remembering to use it! Love the body shop :) xx

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  3. I have the bb cream and it's lovely. Totally baffled me at first because it comes out white!


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