Sunday, 17 August 2014

Boots Skin Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets

It wasn't until relatively recently that I discovered these through my friend at work. She was using one of these on our lunch break at work and I was like why are you patting paper all over your face? Until she then described them to me and I went and purchased some for myself that I was amazed by them. Being a girl who suffers with a very oily t-zone if not managed then these are perfect for you!

I got these in Boots (obviously they're own brand) just to test them out as they were also on offer and the only ones I could actually find in Boots. They are effectively like a small piece of grease proof paper, simple ha ha. So every time you're looking slightly oily in areas you can just rip out a sheet of blotting paper (I think that's it's kinda real name) and simply pat it over those oily areas. Instantly you will see the oil remove from your face and be absorbed by this blotting paper. Sometimes it's nasty looking back at the paper when you're finished as it basically goes see through due to the oil! But at least you know it's working.

After using one of these sheets you are left with an oil free face and these do not affect your make up which I think is amazing! Yes you can obviously still touch up after, I do tend to add a bit more powder to my t-zone to keep the oil at bay from coming back too soon. But you can use these sheets as often as you feel the need too and they are perfect for chucking in your handbag and using on the go! I am honestly now a complete convert to blotting paper and use these an awful lot! These are also brilliant as instead of keeping the oil on your skin and just putting make up over the top these actually take the oil off the skin leaving it oil free!

I would definitely recommend trying them if you do suffer from oily skin as they are so handbag friendly and super quick and easy to use. You can find these ones here or like I said there are many other brands that do them which might be worth checking out. I just think these are cheap and cheerful if you just want to try them.

Let me know of any other brands that do blotting paper that you love, I'd love to try some more :-)


  1. I may have to give these a go! :D

  2. I love blotting papers, they are an oily skinned girls best friend! I've never tried these before but they look good. The ones I use most are the Kleenex ones that used to retail for £2.99 in Boots, Superdrug, Asda, etc. But they are now available in Homebargains for £0.29p for a pack of 50! I think they may have been discontinued hence the mega discounted price. Pick some up if you get chance! :) xx

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