Sunday, 3 August 2014

Beauty confessions

Today I thought I would indulge into something different and share with you some of my beauty confessions which I should maybe not be willing to tell you guys. But I'm going to brave it in hope that maybe I may change my habits for the better, or not we shall see.

Firstly I think is a chore many bloggers will admit to not doing regularly enough, that is washing my make up brushes. I honestly do not do this enough and know I should do it more but just never seem to find that time to sit down and actually wash them. They may be the odd time when I just wash the odd one brush which I have been using a lot around a certain time. But I think to myself if I'm washing one why not wash the rest? Well if I could tell you the answer to that then this would not be a confession of mine.

Another is one I simply do everyday which is basically wear the same make up with no change, day in day out. I pretty much use exactly the same products in the same way everyday. Occasionally at the weekends I may branch out slightly more by wearing a kohl eyeliner or some bronzer and blusher but generally I keep everything else the same just adding a few different products on top of what I normally wear.

Next is something I rarely, rarely do but something I really want to try to do more throughout the whole year. And that is moisturising my body! I want to do this more often and just need that kick up the behind to make me do it. I purchased the new Vaseline spray on moisturiser in hope that it will help me want to do it more often so we shall see. I definitely feel the need to especially do my legs after shaving and in the summer months when your legs can actually be out! Fingers crossed I can soon cross this one off the list.

Finally is the lack of inspiration I have for my hair and what I actually do with it. For work I have to wear it up which is pretty standard but when it comes to the weekend and going out I just don't really do anything to it! I wish I was more adventurous with styles and I'm always searching pinterest for something new to try but just haven't found anything that I've stuck with as yet. I normally stick a bull dog clip in and pull the front parts back or use my straighteners to wave it but that's pretty much as far as I go!

There we have it! A few of my beauty confessions which I can hopefully soon tick off my list! If you have any tips for me then I'd love to hear them and also your beauty confessions :-)


  1. This has reminded me that I REALLY need to clean my make up brushes tonight! I will do it. I WILL!


  2. I always wear the same make up :/ I try and branch out but it just goes wrong! I can only do really simple make up :( xo
    amber love

  3. great post, i have the same problem- always forget to moisturize.


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