Friday, 12 December 2014

Ciate Mini Mani Month

It's fair to say I'm slightly behind putting this post up 11 days already into the Christmas countdown, but as I always say better late than never. I'm getting so super duper excited for Christmas this year and cannot believe how quickly it has come around.

Beauty advent calendars have become a huge part of the Christmas countdown and many beauty brands have grasped onto this concept. The Ciate one is one that I have always wanted to try myself and I finally got my hands on one this year. TK Maxx had them at a great discounted price, so they're obviously not this seasons shades, but the different range of colours you get is great. I think mini nail varnishes are great, I mean I don't think I've ever actually gone through a whole full size nail varnish?! Crazy. So the fact these are small may actually mean that I finish one!

You get a whole range of colours, glitters and also their caviar decoration (which I don't think I'll actually use) but it's a great diverse selection. The last picture above is day number 1 which is a gorgeous holographic glitter varnish. It's a really nice little concept that you also get a little beauty quote when you open each door.

So yes I've already opened 11 days of this calendar and am really enjoying it so far. I don't know if I would ever pay full price for this advent calendar but you may want to give TK Maxx a quick look around to see if they have any left as for their price it's definitely worth it! Let's continue the Christmas countdown! :-)


  1. I haven't seen this one yet! Looks good though, i'll definitely be checking my local tk maxx to see if they have any left over ones!! X

  2. I've been wanting to grab one of these too! Maybe next year :) xo

  3. I nearly picked this up in TK Maxx before Christmas... But my boyfriend talked me out of it! Think I'll try and pick it up still. ;)


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