Sunday, 21 December 2014

Macadamia Natural Oil Hair Care Travel Set

Another brand that I've always heard a lot about but had never tried myself until I spotted this set in TK Maxx. It's a great travel set full with 6 mini products and at a really affordable price. I'm always on the hunt to try and find products that will help minimize the dead ends on my hair. I thought this set would be a perfect way to try a new brand and also try and tame my hair slightly.

In this set you get 6 mini products which are; Rejuvenating Shampoo, Moisturising Rinse, Nourishing Leave In Cream, Healing Oil Treatment, Repair Masque and a wide tooth comb. This set really includes everything you would need to give your hair a complete pamper. Every product in this set has worked amazingly with my hair. Whenever I used even just one of these product I could tell the different. The shampoo and conditioner worked super well together and really left my hair feeling soft and sleek. The Nourishing leave in cream which was just applied to the ends of my hair left the ends of my hair soft and with added moisture, not leaving them dry like normal. The healing oil is simply amazing too. Again just applied to the ends of my hair but you can really tell the difference. It softens everything out, not leaving my dead ends all spiky and out of control. I must add as well all of these products smell so good!

It's great that all of these products work so well together, you could literally use all 6 of these products in one pamper session and it would leave your hair in heaven. The comb is great for my long hair which gets super duper knotty after washing it, so I'm not constantly tugging at my hair and pulling it out. I am now definitely a fan of Macadamia hair and will be on the look out for more, different products from them to try out!

This is an amazing set and I would definitely recommend it to those who were like me and hadn't tried anything from the brand before. As I've said I purchased this from TK Maxx so it's unlikely that they still have it in stock. Instead I'll leave a link straight to the Macadamia website so you can have a little browse at all their products they have to offer: here. I'd love to know your thoughts on this brand if you've tried it before :-)

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