Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Elemis Skin Clear Treatment Gel

This is my first ever Elemis product would you believe! I was shopping in TK Maxx a while back and came across this and couldn't help myself. I've always wanted to try something from Elemis and the fact that it was a spot treatment was even better. I've heard great things about the brand in the past so was super excited to get started on trying this product.

Now lets get the negative out of the way first.. I'm normally ok with a scent but the smell of this product is so overpowering it's really not that nice. As soon as I've put a little bit on my finger ready to apply onto my face I can instantly smell it. I can't really describe the smell, just like a spot treatment smell if you know what I mean, which I wouldn't normally mind. It's just this one is so strong that it really isn't actually nice to put onto your face simple because it's closer to your nose so makes it smell even more!

But aside from the smell I have been liking this product as an actual treatment for my spots. This product does the classic stinging when applied onto some spots but nothing too painful that you can't handle. I tend to apply this just in the evenings after I've finished all my skin care routine and just put this on all of my spots before I go to bed. The tube this product is in makes it super easy to use and control how much product your squeezing out. I do find that this product does help reduce the redness and size of my spots over a few days. It's not a miracle product by no means but it does help speed up the time of getting rid of spots.

Overall the actual product in how it helps your spots is really great, not the best I've used in the past but it certainly does make some difference and helps. But the smell kind of kills it for me due to how strong it does smell. I know everyone is different so some people may find it not so strong so definitely give it a sniff before you pick it up if you're wanting to try this product. You can buy it here from Feel Unique for £13.


  1. I like the look of this, great review! X

  2. Very nice packaging and a lovely review! i might try this out because my skin is reeking havoc at the moment!


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