Monday, 29 December 2014

The Library of Fragrance: Fresh Coconut

I expressed my love for the smell of coconut in my last post and I'm probably about to express it again. The lovely people from The Library of Fragrance sent me this fragrance recently, which I am extremely grateful for. The Library of Fragrance have a range of 101 fragrances which may seem slightly odd. Some of their fragrances include: Play-doh, Snow, Chocolate chip cookie, Baby powder and Dirt. I mean some seem extremely odd but on the other hand genius, there is no one else to do these scents.

The Fresh Coconut scent pretty obviously smells simply of coconut and boy what a treat. It's great to spray a room or as a perfume. The scent lingers for a pretty long time and as the bottle states it really is a great pick me up scent. It instantly refreshes subtly wherever/whatever you're spraying. The bottle is simple and looks really expensive. These fragrances are priced at £15 which I think is really reasonable considering the product you get and also the crazy, different scents you cannot get anywhere else.

Overall this is an amazing scent, especially if you love the smell of coconut, if not then I am 100% sure that they will offer a scent which you love. I would definitely love to smell some of the stranger scents from their range which I believe some Boots stores do stock. If not then you can browse The Library of Fragrance website here. I'd love to know if you've smelt any of these fragrances from this range :-)

This post is not sponsored by The Library of Fragrance.

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