Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Bed side table evening essentials

It's a definite must to keep everything that I need, when it comes to night time, close by. I hate it when I'm tucked up in bed and something I need is on the other side of my bedroom, super frustrating. So I like to make sure that my essentials are on my bed side table and ready to use. I use all of these products on a nightly basis and am currently enjoying them so I thought I would share them all with you.

My first essential of course is some Vaseline. I always find if I do not put a lip balm on before I go to sleep then I wake up with really painful and cracked lips. Vaseline simply does the job, nothing spectacular, but it works well for me. I know if I put this on before bed then my lips won't be painful when I awake in the morning so I can't really go wrong. I do also like to apply this when I wake also just to super soften my lips.

Next is a hand cream, this particular one from Cath Kidston. It has super cute packaging and a nice floral scent to it. I much prefer to apply hand cream before bed and then I find I do not need to reapply throughout the day again really. This one is super nourishing and leaves my hands feeling really soft, not sticky.

Then I always have to keep a spot treatment nearby, at the moment I'm currently using one from Elemis. This essential always chops and changes as I like to buy a different one each time, this is just my current one at the moment. I always, always apply a spot treatment every night in aid to help reduce current blemishes or past scarring. You can read my review here.

After applying my spot treatment I then use my Freederm serum which is great when you have lots of blemishes or that one big, nasty spot. It's a really soothing cream which is night to apply in the evenings and works whilst you sleep. It can take a couple of minutes to sink into your face though so I tend to have one last small check on social media whilst it does just that. You can read my review here.

Finally, again whilst I'm flicking through my phone, I spray my Avon pillow mist onto my pillow. The smell of this spray is really calming and genuinely nice. Since buying this product, I have used it every night since. I really do love using this product and I think it does make a difference to my nights sleep. You can read my review here.

And that's the contents of my skin care bed side table essentials! I honestly love using all of these products before I go to sleep and really think they help. I would definitely recommend these products and would love to know if you have tried them. I also love to hear your bed side table essentials :-)


  1. Vaseline is absolute essential for me x

    1. Couldn't agree more!

      simplyjustnatalie xo


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