Friday, 9 January 2015

Maybelline Instant Anti-Age Eraser Eye Concealer

I absolutely love the concept of this product, I mean look at that ball of softness on the top there (please excuse how dirty the top looks, you can tell it's well loved hey). I picked this up from my local Factory Shop and yes it's all written in foreign. I'm not sure why but the product is completely the same as what you'd buy in the UK, I just believe the packaging and potentially name is slightly different. But on the plus side I picked this up for a fraction of the price and only paid £3 for this beauty.

I picked this up in the shade Light which when applied does look slightly orange toned but once I have blended this in it's the perfect match to my skin. This product's formula is super creamy which makes it a dream to blend in. I used my Real Techniques complexion sponge and they work together perfectly. I don't tend to suffer from huge, blue under eye bags but I do like to conceal under my eyes to get rid of any discolouration. It covers and evens out my under eye area amazingly. I just swipe this product under my eyes a couple of times and voila.

Obviously this product is slightly different to other concealers on the market. Yes, it has this strange done shaped sponge plonked on the top of it. But this is what makes this product stand out from the rest and make it unique. You simply give it a twist, a little product comes out and that's you done. I do find that sometimes one twist can give slightly too much product but it doesn't come off on your face. The product is kept in the sponge and therefore can be used the following day without having to twist again.

Overall this is a great concept for a drug store concealer and I love it for under my eyes. You can purchase the same product as this one here from Boots. But if you live near a Factory Shop then I would definitely check that out first!

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  1. I STILL haven't tried this yet! I really need to, so many bloggers are raving about it! Thanks for this review :) xx


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