Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Rimmel Brow This Way Brow Styling Gel

Fairly recently there have been a few offerings on the high street of these brow styling gels. I have also tried the Maybelline brow drama offering which you can find here. I was really impressed with the Maybelline brow gel so when this version came out from Rimmel I really wanted to get my hands on it. The price was really appealing as well and I think I only paid £2.99 for this product which is a bargain.

The first thing that struck me was the brush, it's actually quite a large brush for eyebrows so was curious to see how this would work on my eye brows. The packaging is obviously pretty cheap and nothing spectacular but that's clearly down to the price. This product also comes in a few various shades which therefore appeals to all different hair shades.

On application I did find it slightly hard to not get this product on just my eye brows. I think due to the size and shape of the brush it's quite difficult to not get it on the skin around the eye brow. This is quite an annoying factor and in comparison to the Maybelline offering, the brush is so much better on the Maybelline version. Although saying that one down side, the rest of the product is actually pretty good. The formula is great and doesn't make your eye brows straw like which is always a bonus. If I'm in a rush then this product is perfect, just a couple of swipes and done. This product gives off plenty of colour so for those natural days there is no need for any other product underneath, for me. If you're looking for a night out product then this is great for putting over the top of another eye pencil.

Overall this is a great offering from Rimmel and perfect if you are on a budget. Again if I was to choose between the two offerings from Maybelline and Rimmel then I am leaning more towards the Maybelline brow drama, simply due to the brush provided. Although that definitely doesn't mean I am against this Rimmel one and will continue to use it up.

Have you tried any brow gels? Which ones are your favourites?

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