Wednesday, 21 January 2015

January Topshop blues

6. Purse

Argh why in January do shops, especially Topshop in this case, have so many pieces I love? A long 5 week month, just after Christmas, how taunting of them. It's always the way as well that you find pieces you love when you have the least money. I mean there's no way that I need all of these pieces, my wardrobe is pretty over flowing and could definitely do with a sort out. But they are so attractive that I have drawn to them, book marked them on my laptop and now made a wish list post about them on here. Now they are embedded into my brain when they really shouldn't be.

A mac coat is such a staple style and a style of coat that I don't own. I think they are timeless and would be perfect for Spring when the weather starts to get a little warmer but when you still need something on. The two jumpers are just gorgeous, I love Topshop knitwear. This winter I actually had a clear out and realised that I literally only owned one thick knit jumper which was crazy. I don't know why now seems the right time to invest but it's still freezing in the UK so they are definitely a must. The black one has been out of stock in my size for some time now which makes me want it even more! The dinosaur shirt is something else, the first time I saw this I fell in love. I knew I should have purchased it there and then because it is now out of stock completely. I'm a sucker for a paisley print so this top fits the bill for me and my wardrobe mainly consists of blue items so again fits perfectly. Finally a teal green purse with an added piece of snakeskin. I would really like a new purse and this one really stood out to me. Although they are many different colour variations if this colour is not for you.

Overall Topshop are killing it at the moment and alongside these six items, there are many other items that I could have included. Let me know what items you're currently lusting over in Topshop and which of the items I've included you also love :-)


  1. obsessed with topshop, i love that paisley print!

    xx danielle // shades of danielle // bloglovin

    1. Me too! Could literally probably spend my whole wage packet in there at the moment! He he

      simplyjustnatalie xo


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