Sunday, 15 June 2014

Uni's out for summer!

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I finally finished my first year of university and boy does it feel good! So I just thought I would do a little update on my blog and share my first year with all of you guys. 

It was such a quick and rash decision for me to go to uni and was all a bit of a whirlwind. After finishing my first year through all of the stress, tears and tiredness I can honestly say it was great. The weight that was lifted off my shoulders when handing in my last piece of work was strange and my nights now seem strange. Even when writing this I'm thinking there must be some uni work that I have to be doing, but no (not until September anyway). 

Other than the last few weeks which seemed to slightly drag, due to work overload, the year went by so quickly. It doesn't seem right to say that I've finished my first year at university already. If I'm totally honest I'm half excited and still half scared to go back next year. Nerves due to the workload again, the stresses and different/harder topics. Excitement due to my university friends I've made who make it ten times easier to attend but also the prospect of bettering myself more academically. 

As I've said it was such a rash decision for me to go to university but I'm definitely glad I finally did. After already having two gap years it was my time to take the plunge. My gap years showed me that I needed to go and I finally did so when I was ready, not when anyone else wanted me too. And I'm very glad that I did have those gap years and do not dwell on the thought that my friends from school/sixth form are now graduating, my time will come.

Now the first year is over I'm hoping to blog more often as it definitely took a back seat throughout the year, although university was obviously the priority. So keep your eyes peeled for a lot more content throughout the summer on my blog and also my YouTube channel (here). And now I await my results in a few weeks, although the first year means nothing technically (I've still gotta pass here guys) so fingers and toes crossed I've done ok :-)

Overall my first year has been a whirlwind but altogether worth it and definitely will be when I've completely finished! Now I'm hoping to speak/see you more often :-)

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  1. I've just finished my first year at uni too :) i came straight from school 'cos I knew I needed it to turn my life around, which it did! Best year of my life! Most of my friends I know are at least 20 in first year and have taken gap years, or more than one gap year and I'm totally jealous! When you're friends graduate they'll have the shitty task of finding jobs and you'll still be loving life at uni! :) xo

    amber love


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