Monday, 2 June 2014

VO5 instant oomph powder

I'm all for an easy hair product that does what it says and this is exactly one of them. I actually picked this up in a 'cheapy', random shop and it was 99p! I couldn't resist, I'm always on the look out for hair products that help volumise my hair. I've got long, thick hair so not very voluminous without a little help.

This product is basically a white powder which you apply to your roots, give it a little rub in and then voila - volume! It really is as simple as that. I section off the top parts of my hair and apply a small section of this to each section. Obviously the more you apply, the more volume you get so depending on the look you're after depends on how much product you actually need to use. A small amount of this really does go a long way so for just a bit of volume for everyday hair you don't need too much. It would also depend on your hair type, my hairs thick so I think I would have to use more than someone with thinner hair for example.

There is one down side to this product and that is the feel of your hair after using it. It's not a huge flaw but it doesn't leave your roots/where you've applied the product feeling the nicest. Yes it gives amazing volume which is great and I'm not saying this flaw stops me using it. It's perfect for a night out and a small amount does great for day-to-day, I'd just love it to not leave my hair feeling slightly sticky. It's a weird feeling, if you use it then you will understand, ha ha.

Overall this is a great product and really does give great volume. The downside, although not great, doesn't avert me from using the product so I definitely recommend it :-)

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  1. I love these powder products, I have the Osis Dust It and it's amazing! But it does give you that weird chalky feeling haha

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