Saturday, 28 June 2014

Tanya Burr lips & nails: Exotic Island & Penguin Chic

Feeling slightly sleepy already due to waking around 6:45am on a Saturday when I don't start work until this afternoon.. annoying or what! So having done most of the lazy things you tend to do on a weekend morning I thought I would now share a new post with you, one that I've been meaning to share for a very long time. The gorgeous Tanya Burr launched her own lip gloss and nail polish range a while back and I picked up one of each to test out.

When these first launched they were pretty darn hard to get hold of. I ordered mine from Feel Unique and due to the high demand delivery did take rather a long time. But I did finally get my hands on these and I'm super excited about both and love them both - bonus! There are such a wide range of both lip glosses and nail polishes including your bright bolds, hot pinks and neutrals. This made it super hard to decide which shades to choose from (all of which also have super cute names making it even harder). But in the end I opted for a bright lip gloss in Exotic Island and a neutral nail polish in Penguin Chic.

Firstly the lip gloss.. The colour is just oh my, so beautiful. I really was hoping this would be as pigmented and bold as it looks and I can tell you it definitely is. It glides on effortlessly, not sticking to any dry patches which I tend to suffer from. It's a lovely hot purple toned pink which I think is perfect for the coming summer months and nights out. As I said it's super pigmented meaning you can afford to just wear it on it's own but you've also got the option to put it over the top of lipstick maybe for a night out. The packaging is simple which I love and I have to tell you about the smell. These lip glosses just smell absolutely incredible, literally like strawberries and cream or something sweet! I'm never normally a huge lip gloss fan but this one has definitely won me over, it's not too tacky/sticky and gives the perfect amount of colour. All in all this is a great product and definitely worth the £6.99 price tag.

Next the nail polish, I picked up the shade Penguin Chic which is a gorgeous brown/purple/grey, nice and neutral for everyday/every season wear. The formula is lovely, I would recommend more than one coat to achieve the super glossy look which I love. These are easy to apply and dry relatively quickly. They do leave your nails looking nice and glossy although I also apply a top coat to prolong the wear. I absolutely love the packaging again, very chic and simplistic which I think makes the product look a lot more up market. At only £5.99 these nail polishes are affordable and worth it. Again the colour range includes all of the must have colours for each different season which is perfect.

Overall I definitely recommend getting yours hand on either a lip gloss or nail varnish or even both if you feel like splashing out. They're both amazing quality for the prices you pay and in my eyes worth it. Tanya Burr's collection is now available in Superdrug which is a lot easier and means you can really see what all the shades are like. So pop down to your local and see what takes your fancy (also give the lip glosses a whiff!) Enjoy your weekend :-)

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  1. I own Exotic Island and I love it! :D


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