Saturday, 12 September 2015

Disappointing Products #4

I purchased this product on a whim in a recent Boots haul due to running out of my ex everyday face wash. I thought this would be a good alternative as it's also aimed at spot prone skin which is exactly what I have. It was also on offer for around £3 I believe so was a good bargain!

There really isn't much to report about this product in all honesty, apart from the fact that it does absolutely nothing for my skin. I used this everyday since I received it and not in anyway did it help my spots. It didn't make them any worse but at the time my skin was pretty bad and there was no difference. I persisted with the product, as I mentioned for at least two weeks, and still nothing. I would like to think from any skin care product that in that time frame you would at least start to see some change in your skin. Unfortunately this product just didn't for me in particular. I guess the wash still cleans my face so there is potential I may still use it for that factor only. But I will definitely have to invest in another face wash that benefits spot prone skin as this one just does not at all. Obviously this could differ from person to person and it may well work on your skin, these are just my personal opinions and views after using it.

Overall I will not be purchasing this product again and probably wouldn't even look at this range ever again. Clearly because it just doesn't work well with my skin type and doesn't fulfil the claims it is supposed too. Let me know if you've tried this product and your thoughts, I'd love to hear :-)

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