Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Disappointing Products #3

I've tried a few of these pore strips in the past but have never really got on very well with them. Recently I'd heard a few things about these particular ones from Biore so I thought I would give them one more go to see if they worked for me. I picked these up in Boots for around £7 but there was a 3 for 2 offer on.

So the idea of these nose strips is that they unclog your pores and basically clean your nose (not up it) of all the nasty's including black heads. Now I don't have the largest pores by all means and they probably aren't very noticeable to anyone else. But I can notice them, sometimes worse on different days so when they aren't looking so good I like to use a product to help that.

You get 6 nose strips in the pack and all you have to do is wet your nose thoroughly, apply the strip and leave it until it goes hard, simple. First thing I really dislike about these is the pain to remove them and I'm not just talking a slight pain. I find these incredibly painful to remove that sometimes even my eyes water. I've tried several different ways to try and reduce this but none of them seem to work. I always follow the instructions on the packet so I know I'm doing them correctly I just find them painful to take off.

When I finally do remove the strip I don't notice much of a difference or anything on the strip that shows it has removed anything. The reviews I'd read said that they could see the results on the strip once removed but I really can't. I do also get the odd black head on my nose but I don't see this removed on the strip.

Overall I'm not impressed with these nose pore strips in anyway unfortunately. If you have tried these then I'd love to hear what you think. Also if you have any alternatives that you would recommend then leave those in the comments too :-)


  1. I've tried a few nose strips and I think these work the best but even then, they're still not very good! I bought them once but I don't think they're worth the price tag so I won't be buying them again!

    Jessica Grace

  2. i used to use nose strips religiously when i thought i had blackheads on my nose - they never did anything so i looked it up & apparently there's these things called sebaceous filaments, everyone has them and there's no way to get rid of them! i wish i'd knew about it sooner as i was wasting my time (and money!) on these strips xo
    natasha // eyebrows, inc.


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