Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Mark Hill Protection Spray & Anti Humidity Spray

If you didn't already know, I'll rub it in and just mention that I've just returned from my second summer holiday in Kos, Greece. Now being by the pool and beach all day calls for some saviour hair care items and before I went on holiday I found there products with hope that they would help me out.

The weather in Kos was really very hot therefore not only did I prepare my skin, obviously, I wanted to protect my hair too. That's where the protection spray comes in handy. It's in a super handy travel sized bottle and is just the easiest product to apply ever. You simply just had to spray it over your hair where you think you needed to "protect". So every morning I would just spray this mainly around my scalp and on the ends of my hair. Not only does this product to claim to protect your hair from the heat but also aims to protect the colour of your hair too. I loved using this product everyday, it smells fresh but it doesn't linger. It sunk into my hair super quickly and really did seem to protect my hair. The ends of my hair can become very dry and I really think this product locked the moisture in and protected it.

Next the humidity spray which helped me out more in the evenings. With the hot weather obviously, my hair turned against me slightly and became slightly frizzy after washing it. I found that when it was dry I could spray this lightly onto my hair, have a fiddle and a ruffle with it and voila. It kind of gave my hair a bit of texture to play around with too which I liked. I did find that if I used too much of this product it could make my hair look slightly greasy, so I just made sure that I applied it lightly. It kept my frizz at bay for the evenings whilst on holiday so I can only thank this product for doing exactly as it says on the tin!

Overall I'm really impressed with this range from Mark Hill and will definitely be using them again on my holidays in the future. I'd never heard of it until I purchased them and I'm so glad I did. It's nice to buy something with no background opinions and love them and that's exactly what these were for me. If you're heading on your holidays, I would definitely recommend these :-)


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