Wednesday, 30 September 2015

My Week In Pictures #19

As I mentioned in a recent post I've been a bit here, there and everywhere recently. I've been on two holidays in the past month and it feels like I haven't really been at home. I mean lets face it, I'd still much rather be on holiday in the hot sunshine! But hey, we eventually have to come home and go back to the real world hey. I had the best time on both of my holidays and watching my tan fade at the minute is pretty sad.

I started back at university last week which was as daunting as I had built myself up for unfortunately. The amount of work and so little time just instantly scares me which I do not like but it's got to be done so it will. On a slightly brighter note I graduate this weekend from my Foundation Degree which is exciting and also nerve wracking. It's basically a practice run as I will also graduate from my BA Honours degree next year too, so it's just being greedy too. I think though it's the perfect time to spend with the friends I've made, family and to make some memories so that much excites me a lot.

I must mention that I've found the perfect oversized denim jacket from Asos and I am in love with it. It's one of those jackets that goes with everything and something you can layer for the upcoming cold months. I also purchased the dainty evil eye necklace from Asos which again I love. I never normally pick gold jewellery but I am currently loving the evil eye and this is perfect for laying or when you only need something small then it does the job.

On another note I then dyed my dogs nose purple with human hair dye, I will add this was not intentional and yes my poor dog still has some purple bits there. Bless her, she was none the wise about the situation but me and my family had a good old chuckle about it.

For now, I believe that's all I have to tell you about my life recently. I'll be sure to let you all know about my experience of graduating after this weekend, eeek! If you've done it previously let me know anything from tips to reminders in the comments, PLEASE! :-)

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