Saturday, 2 January 2016

Schwarzkopf got2be Mind Blowing Styling Spray

Hello 2016 and my first post of the year! I know a lot of people have probably said this but 2015 went so quickly, I cannot believe it's over already! But here's to 2016 a whole new year of blogging and hopefully fulfilling some of the pointers I highlighted in my previous 2016 blog post. For those of you wondering or who read my previous post, I ordered a new camera and it's being delivered tomorrow! I really hope I love it and I cannot wait to try it out, I will probably write a post all about it soon.

Onto the first review of the year.. I picked this product up from Boots as they had a 3 for 2 offer on all hair care items. I hadn't seen this product before and had also recently been using the Redken version, which I reviewed here. That's basically what attracted me to this product as the Redken one is much more expensive and although I enjoyed it, I went through it rather quickly so it would be expensive to keep repurchasing. When I saw this offering from Schwarzkopf I couldn't resist picking it up, I believe the price of this one was around £3-4. The one main difference between the two is that the Redken one says to apply to towel dried hair whereas this Schwarzkopf one you can apply to wet hair. I much prefer that as it kind of defeats the object not being able to apply on wet hair as you are wanting to dry it quickly!

The aim of the product is to cut the time spent blow drying your hair, which in my case is a very long time. I really do not enjoy blow drying my hair because within minutes my arms ache and to fully dry it, it can take no less than 15 minutes usually. I've been using this product after every hair wash, spraying it quite liberally all over my hair. I then give my hair a quick brush and start blow drying. I have noticed that this product really does help cut the time I spend drying my hair. It doesn't leave my hair feeling crispy where I've sprayed it and it leaves my hair feeling soft. This product also has heat protection within it so there's no need to apply a heat protector on top.

Overall I would definitely repurchase this product over the Redken offering, simply because of the price and the fact that they practically do the same thing! If you're like me and spend so much time drying your hair then I would recommend looking into this affordable product :-)

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