Wednesday, 11 May 2016


I recently purchased a Fitbit after consulting my friends who have had one for some time now. It was a belated birthday present and I was super excited to get stared using it. I picked up the Fitbit charge in slate grey from Amazon and paid £70, which seemed a good deal as it said it had £30 off. I initially wanted to get a black one but they were out of stock and I'm actually super happy with the colour to be honest. 

To be fair the initial reason I wanted one was to actually see how many steps o do a day whilst at work, as I literally had no idea. I was super shocked after wearing this for the first time at work that I did over 15,000 steps that day! Not only does this particular Fitbit track your steps but it tells you the time, distance, calories and flights of stairs; all that is just on the screen of this Fitbit. 

Fitbit then have an app you can download for free to your phone which tells you so much more! It tells you how many hours you've been active, how well you slept and you can even enter in what food you've eaten and drink you've drank. You can set yourself goals to help lose weight and set alarms so your Fibit vibrates at certain times. This little wristband honestly does so much that I didn't even realise when I first purchased it. 

I actually think having a Fitbit is definitely making me more aware of how much exercise I do, or don't do, a day. If I'm haven't a not very good day then it makes me want to be more active and do something about it. For the past month at least I've been going for a walk every evening for at least 30 minutes and have actually really been enjoying it, with or without the dog! And if I haven't gone for a walk, maybe because of the weather, then I've either done an exercise dvd or a YouTube exercise video (you should all check out Carly Rowena - she's amazing!) 

This might not be the intense summer body work out but it's definitely making me be more active, eat healthier and do more exercise which I love! There are many different variations of Fitbit, some cheaper and some more expensive than the one I personally have, so check them out :-) 

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