Saturday, 28 May 2016

NYX Wonder Pencil

A while back I purchased a few things from NYX when Boots first started selling it online. I was super excited as I had wanted to try some bits from them for a long time but the brand was really difficult to get hold of. One of the products I picked up was this Wonder Pencil and I initially picked it up as a nude eye line for my water line. Little did I know that this product had multiple purposes.

I began using this on my water line pretty much every day, I have to get up pretty early for work and my eyes can be quite bloodshot and red in the morning so I like to cover that as much as I can. I simply apply this product to my water line and the redness is gone. It doesn't leave my water line looking chalky and you can't tell really that I'm even wearing it, which I love. It takes less than a minute to apply so clearly doesn't have an affect on my morning routine, when I'm in a rush to get ready for work. I could definitely do with a re-application during the day, as this product is applied on the water line you can understand it doesn't last all day. However my redness has gone by midday so it's not compulsory that I re-apply this product.

I then read some more about this product, not really intentionally but I just came across it, and it said that this product could be used as a concealer. At first I was like no way that can't work but then I tried it. If you're looking for a natural look and it's only a small spot that needs covering, then this product definitely works on spots as well. I tend to use this more on small spots and even scars from previous spots and find that it works well. As much as I like using this product for my spots, I'm not sure I would choose this over normal concealer, as it has much more coverage which I prefer on my spots. However I love this product on my water line.

I'm sure there may even be more purposes for this product but these two are my two favourites which I have fully tested out. This is a really natural water line eye liner and as mentioned, I have been using it daily ever since I purchased it. It's also a really affordable product, as are most products from the NYX brand. If you haven't already then I suggest you should definitely check them out!

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