Thursday, 5 May 2016

Freederm Spot Gel

Having previously used Freederm products for my blemish prone skin, I thought this spot gel would be a great new one for me to try out. It was recently on offer on the Boots website, with some money off, but I can't fully remember what I paid for it, albeit not a lot. I've been using this ever since I purchased it and I'm now getting to the end of the tube, so I've basically used it up. Therefore I can give you guys a good review on it, taking into consideration this product may work better or not so good on different skin types.

So like I said I've been using this for quite a while now and have been applying it nearly every evening on my pesky spots. This is the last product that I apply on my skin each evening and then let it hopefully work it's magic on my spots. Recently *touches wood* my skin hasn't actually been so bad but that doesn't mean I haven't had spots, just not as bad as it usually is. This product is actually pretty small but a little goes a long way, and you barely need any product to cover those spots.

This product doesn't make your spots sting or anything like that, which some spot products can do. That's something I do like about this product although sometimes that 'sting', to me, is like "yes this product is working" ha ha. In the morning, when I wake, there's no residue left on my face so this product sinks in well through the night. Now as I said I haven't had a big spot for quite some time so my review is based on smaller spots and under the skin spots. Unfortunately on more occasions than not, I haven't noticed a huge difference in my skin in the morning. There may have been reduced redness on my skin but to be honest the spots looked pretty much the same. Considering I've tried other Freederm products, which I have loved, this product was a slight disappointment even though it showed potential. It may work better on larger spots but I haven't had any to test it out on so I can't comment on that.

Overall I don't think I will be repurchasing this product in the future, even though I do love other Freederm products which I would recommend, just not this one. It may work differently for you guys out there with different skin types, but it just didn't do it for my blemish prone skin.

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  1. My skin didn't get along with this at all, it did nothing. Such a shame..

    Parie x


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