Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Garnier Fresh Eye Make Up Remover

I hate taking my eye make up off in the evenings, I sure I'm not alone when saying this statement too. Not only do I hate removing it because it takes time and effort but I also have quite sensitive eyes and quite a few make up removers irritate my eyes. That's why I thought I would purchase myself a make up remover specifically for eyes and a sensitive one too.

I wasn't looking for a particular one and hadn't read any reviews prior to buying. This particular one from Garnier was on offer and only around a couple of pounds, so I thought I couldn't really go wrong. I've been using this product every time I've worn eye make up recently and have really enjoyed using it. I simply place some of the product on a cotton pad and lightly rub/sweep my eyes to remove the make up. It removes really easily with barely any hard graft rubbing and I only need to use one cotton pad for each eye - baring in mind I never normally wear full on eye make up and haven't yet used this product when I have done.

The next bonus which I'm super pleased with is that this product just works well with my eyes. Yes, it removes the make up but it does not in any way irritate my eyes. If I were to use another product I've tried previously then I normally end up with streaming eyes which end up going red. However there is none of that this remover so for such a bargain price and lovely product, I'm really pleased with this product.

Overall this is such a great product that I would definitely recommend if you have sensitive eyes like me! It's also a perfect size if you're one to travel a lot so bare that in mind too. Let me know your favourite eye make up remover for sensitive eyes :-)


  1. Thank you for this post, I haven't tried this eye makeup remover before. I currently use the Garnier, Simply Essentials Toner which I love. I really like thier products.
    Clem x

  2. I love the original Garnier Micellar Water and I find that it removes eye makeup (even waterproof!) really easily. Definitely going to try this out though:)

    Emily xo


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