Monday, 26 March 2012

Shopping trip

So today I went to Norwich for a quick shopping trip with my mum. There's so many things I want at the moment but with pay day lingering and a London trip this weekend also lingering then I really want to save! I needed to buy a new work top (the white one with crochet sleeves) as one of my others went into the mid season sale and with my discount it was only £12 so I thought it would be an easy tee to wear and lovely for summer coming up. The peace earrings are also from work and I've had my eye on these for ages!! The last two pairs finally sat on a prong so I had to put a pair on hold until today and I love them. They are diamonte and really catch the light. Of course everytime you go shopping you have to stop in Primark and I found this lovely black and white aztec/geometric pattern sheer shirt which I instantly fell in love with. It's slightly oversized and I think it would look great with just a simple pair of leggings. And finally, the bag. It needs no introduction and if you follow me on Twitter then you'd know how much I wanted this. With my trip to London coming up on Saturday I thought I'd need a new bag to take as I'm sure I'd be carrying lots of bits (really this is just my excuse for buying it) ;-) xoxo


  1. Really like the shirt and definitely agree that it would look good with leggings. And the bag is lovely, no need for excuses to buy it! xx

  2. Very pretty earrings and I love your bag! xox


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