Thursday, 15 March 2012

Topshop must haves

Following tradition with my 'must have' posts from different shops I just had to do a Topshop one! First the sundress I found on a fellow bloggers website and instantly fell in love. It's one of those cute dressed which is just PERFECT for the summer! The pattern is bold and beautiful and I may just have to invest for the coming summer. Next the grandad shirt, I believe this comes in different colours but I prefer to keep to the simple white and then accessorize! Since working within retail I've found this so much easier to do and a coincidence seeing as I work in Accessorize ;-) hehe. The bright animal cami.. What do I have to say about this? I just look at it and love it. I love all different animal prints in the normal neutral colours so I think this one in the lovely bright colours used stands out and really catches not only my eye but yours as well! Now I've never tried a nail varnish from Topshop but the ratings and reviews I have seen have all been positive meaning.. I NEED to try one! And I will.. from my last post you've seen that I invested in a gold varnish so I think it's just about right that I invest in a silver one alongside it. Finally this b.e.a.utiful slip dress. Again I don't have many words. I initially found this when flicking through this weeks More magazine and they showed 4 completely different ways in which you can wear it and I must say this dress is one very versatile dress and I will definitely be buying this! Might have to wait until my next pay day though.. although it is only £38! Oh my god, I keep looking at it and I literally can't wait, hehe! What are your Topshop must haves lately? Xoxo


  1. I love all of these styles! I have never bought anything at Topshop before!

    I would love for you to link up with me for "So what?!" Check out my blog girl!

  2. Love the dresses! So pretty!

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    ox from NYC!



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