Monday, 26 March 2012

Monday nails

Todays nails - 17 lasting fix 'woo me' and OPI rainbow connection. I actually had naked nails for a day today and it felt so weird! So as soon as I got home I got my nail varnish out straight away. I hadn't used my OPI rainbow connection for so long so thought it was about time I got it out again seeing as I'm still in love with it. I didn't want to cover my complete nail in this varnish so wanted to try it with a neutral base coat underneath. So I went for 'woo me' which is a very light lilac colour and then just did two coats of the OPI. I'm still in love with this varnish as all the different colours catch the light and it looks so pretty. What nails have you got today? Happy Monday! xoxo


  1. I love them! its so simple, yet so fun!
    great job :)

  2. I just did this !

    Can't get into bed now though : [

    x .

  3. Your nails look great, I love the look of Rainbow Connection over other colours :) x

  4. You paint nails like a total pro!! Now following :)


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