Friday, 2 October 2015

Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Spot Wand

Another blemish/spot product I hear you say, well yes but I had actually ran out so this purchase was necessary. Although I feel I went into a bit of shock as I had run out so I now have three, just in case. I believe this product is actually a blast from my past as I remember using this back when I was a teenager. But recently a friend was talking about this exact product and it made me want to try it all over again.

Firstly I love the concept of this product, the fact that it has a day and a night feature appeals to me. It makes it a really easy product for travelling or just popping into your handbag when you feel like you might need it. This has doe foot applicators on both ends which make it easy to apply as you can apply the product right onto the spot easily. As you can probably tell from the name of this product it does have a tea tree scent but it's really not overpowering. Yes you can smell it but it quickly disappears and like I said not strong at all.

I have really been enjoying using this spot wand and I have seen a difference in the appearance of my spots. I find this works better on the smaller spots that I appear and maybe not on those pesky, huge ones. On application this can sometimes make my spots tingle, as most spot products do, but as I've said in previous posts I feel like this means it's working in some way. I find that you can easily apply this over your make up, obviously using the day end, and it works plus doesn't ruin your make up either. The night end is a lot more creamy and I am really impressed with the results when I wake up in the morning.

One downside is the fact that this product doesn't last very long, especially if you're going to be using it everyday. Although on the other hand it is a really cheap spot product, priced at only £3.59. So there are definitely pros and cons of this product, as there are with most, but I would definitely recommend this one.

Overall this is a perfectly good product which really does help with those smaller spots. If you haven't tried this spot gel then I would definitely recommend it. I know not all spot gels work the same for everyone but this one is cheap so not much is too wasted if it doesn't work for you. Let me know if you've tried this product before and if you haven't you can check it out here from Boots :-)

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  1. this looks like an awesome product! x,kenz


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